Governments: How to Prepare for a Successful Audit

how to prepare audit

She continues to stay on top of ever-changing industry dynamics by continuously learning and developing expertise. This video is designed to prepare taxpayers on what to expect should their business be selected for an audit by the Department of Revenue. Finally, make sure relevant staff members are available to answer questions as needed. For instance, you don’t want to schedule an audit when your bookkeeper or head accountant is on vacation (unless you suspect them of fraud, of course). Request templates, copies of prior working papers and clarification so that you can prepare information in a format acceptable to the auditor. This will help maintain consistency from year to year and eliminate extra work.

What is an audit preparation?

Reviewing and approving transactions before they are processed. Reconciling accounts. Preparing documents on a timely basis within the prescribed deadlines/timeframes. Filing and retaining documents in an organized fashion consistent with the department's or the organizations record retention policies.

Professional Standards require the auditor to be skeptical, so don’t take it personal if your auditor asks for documentation to support your assertions. Be prepared to explain significant actual-to-budget and prior-year variances, as well as discuss the results of the year based on your expectations going into the year. Wade Brylow was previously the director of internal audit for Northrop Grumman’s Technology Services sector. The opinions and ideas expressed here are those of the author and do not represent the opinions, positions, or policies of Northrop Grumman or any other organization. Centri’s team is here to help with expertise and experience you can count on.

What Is a Financial Audit & How to Prepare for One (+Checklist)

Accounting follows a strict set of standards (called the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP) to maintain confidence in the financial statements a company compiles. This type of independent review is known as a financial statement audit. While the concept of an audit usually brings up visions of issues and consequences—in reality, a financial audit is like a health routine for financial data. Conducting regular audits ensures all your numbers and processes check out. Pre-assessment audits are performed on-site and are a complete assessment of the ISO 9001 management system.

Financial audits go smoother and faster when you can access centralized information on demand. With a procurement management solution like, finance professionals create a thorough and centralized audit trail for every transaction. It gives auditors access to the full complement of financial information, transaction data, support documentation, and journal entries. When conducting an audit report and analysis of financials, you may desire a certain level of detail in your financial reporting. To choose which activity best suits your needs, it helps to understand the three types of financial reporting.

Use software to improve the financial audit process

Countless hours of work go into annual audits, both on the side of the auditee and the auditor, which can make preparing for one seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Fortunately, auditors understand that your time is valuable and with open communication and advanced preparation, you can efficiently and successfully move through an audit. After 25 years in internal audit, I have come to the conclusion that excellent audit planning is essential to ensuring an effective audit.

It’s an opportunity for your organization to demonstrate that it meets the requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other regulatory authorities. The exact audit process varies based on the type of audit you select, the size of your business, and the complexity of your records. Before signing on for an audit, ask your prospective auditor to outline the process so that you know what to expect.

How to Prepare your Accounts Payable Department for an Audit

Most bookkeeping services charge an hourly rate for their services, which can be an unpredictable cost each month. Instead, Zeni charges a set monthly fee for all your bookkeeping, no matter how many transactions you have or how complex your finances are. Establishing clear controls and approval workflows allows for proper segregation of duties in an organization. Having these “checks and balances” in place ensures no single person within an organization has the authority to spend money or approve payments to vendors without oversight. But for, companies registered under the Companies Act have to file for an audit mandatorily. Having an external or independent auditor gives you insights from a different perspective.

how to prepare audit

The SMEs who help with the audit process should have audit experience, if possible. Keep in mind that an audit is a lot of work, and these people will still have their “day jobs” to keep the company moving, so build that into your schedule and deadlines. Wanda emphasized the difficulty of switching auditors partway through the process, so it’s vital to do your due diligence and ask for references from other companies whenever possible.