How to Measure Your Body: Sleeve Length

At 34 1/2″, McGwire not only has the longest arms but was also the tallest QB at 6’8″. So if you’re spending much of your time on the outskirts of the ring, your opponent might easily pick up your habits. Make sure you switch up boxing styles throughout the fight to keep your opponent guessing.

Much like when you’re measuring your collar size or neck size, measuring your sleeve size also starts at the neck. Before conducting analysis of the present data several tests for basic assumptions of linear regression like tests of linearity, tests of homoscedasticity and tests of normality; and reliability analysis were taken into consideration. Stature was measured using a portable stadiometer and put to the nearest point two decimal places of centimeters. Weight was also measured with standard mechanical balance and recorded to the nearest 0.1kg. Stature predicted from arm span, arm length, and tibial length is a valid indicator of height. At the QB position, the longest arm length measured at the NFL Combine goes to 1991 No. 16 overall pick of the Seattle Seahawks, Dan McGwire.

How To Measure Sleeve Length

The mean differences of stature, arm span, arm length and tibial length among Addis Ababa male and female study subjects of the present study showed statistically significant difference (p ∼0.00). However, some studies indicated that there is no significant mean difference of anthropometric parameters between sexes (10). Two methods, A and B, were compared to the improved method C introduced here. In method A, No Wall, the child stood with the heels together and stretched the arms out to the sides with the palms facing forward. The other two investigators measured arm span, the distance between the tips of the middle fingers across the back of the child.

  • Each visited the University of Occupational and Environmental Health (UOEH) for a physical measurement as part of the follow-up program in May or June 2016.
  • The arm length measurement at the NFL Combine is done by measuring from the end of the bicep, or shoulder blade to the tip of the middle finger with the arm extended horizontally away from the body.
  • In both males and females, when creatinine excretion was related to height, ideal body weight, or total arm length, significantly lower values were found in the elderly as compared to the young.
  • Reach refers to the total length of a fighter’s arms from one fingertip to the other.
  • All you need to do to measure your reach is put your arms in an outward position, perpendicular to your body.

Method C, which used a paper with lines on the wall, was an accurate method that all medical institution can easily adopt without incurring additional cost. Changing the line spacing according to participant age and writing numbers or letters on every line in the future might make the measurements even more efficient and accurate. The arm span of nine 6-year old subjects was measured using two institutional standard methods, A and B, and a third method C which is an improved method and has been used for the first time in this study. A, No-Wall, with heels together the child stretches the arms out to the sides. B, Wall & No-Line, the child stands against the wall with heels together and spreads the arms against the wall.

Table 1

In the study conducted by Steele and Chenier (12), the arm span was nearly 8.3cm more than the body height for black population, whereas for white population this difference was only 3.3cm (11). They have noted in their study done on South Indian females, the arm span was nearly 2.5cm higher than stature. In study (13), arm span was 5.8cm more than body height for Nigerian males whereas, for Nigerian females, this difference was only 4cm which is similar to that noted in the white population although they are black. It is a necessity when measuring height is unenviable due to certain medical conditions and in field studies. This study aims to estimate stature from arm span, arm length and tibial length among adolescents of age 15–18 in Ethiopia. The estimation of stature using various anthropometric measurements are quite the age-old investigations over the past centuries and it has been attempted by many authors in many countries.

Your reach is usually determined by your height, meaning that taller people tend to have longer reach. But generally, you can assume that Shaquille O’Neal would have a longer reach than Danny DeVito. But outside of just that, there are many other things to consider before sparring against an opponent.

The basics of shirt sleeve length

Method C, Wall & Line, was the same as B except a paper with horizontal lines (5-cm interval) was placed on the wall (Fig. 1). In this study, we did not use the easiest method to measure arm span, ie, doubling the distance between the sternal notch and the tip of the middle finger of an extended arm. Instead, we used method A because it was easy for the 6-year-old children to repeat spreading their arms in all three methods. The earlier children with growth hormone deficiency, Turner syndrome, or achondroplasia/hypochondroplasia received growth hormone therapy, the higher their adult height is. Therefore, it is important to notice the sign of these diseases early by using “accurate arm span measurement”. Of course in a cohort study, the use of an accurate and efficient method for physical measurements is necessary.

  • In subsequent studies, lean body mass was evaluated by creatinine excretion in groups of young and elderly male and female volunteers.
  • Thus, we expected that the measurement time for C may be even shorter if it is performed later in the measurement order.
  • The estimation of stature using various anthropometric measurements are quite the age-old investigations over the past centuries and it has been attempted by many authors in many countries.
  • Two investigators placed plastic tape on the wall at the tips of the middle fingers of both hands.
  • Measure from your shoulder to just before the wrist bone or where you would like your cuff to sit.
  • And while hooks are also your friend, your long arms might actually throw off your balance if you’re not in the proper stance.

The findings and conclusions of this article are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not represent the official views of the above institute. Another option that’s a great choice for beginners is known as the double jab. This is great because even if your first jab doesn’t land, you’ll have distracted your opponent for just a second, giving you more time for your second hit to pack a literal punch. You’ll also want to make use of straight punches whenever you can, as this will utilize the entire breadth of your arm’s length. And while hooks are also your friend, your long arms might actually throw off your balance if you’re not in the proper stance.

Athletic testing numbers are also conducted over the four-day event in Indianapolis, including the 40-yard sprint, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press, three-cone, and 20-yard shuttle. The method C, which used a paper with horizontal lines on the wall, is the best way to measure arm span. Based on the required method preparations, we collected the measurements in the order of methods C, A, and B. The children become familiar with the actions, such putting their heels together while spreading their arms.

However, there are various methods, and the length of arm span may vary according to the medical institution. An above-average reach is advantageous in sports such as basketball, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts, volleyball, discus throw, fencing, rock climbing, and swimming. However, a long arm span is mechanically disadvantageous on the bench press. Measure from the top of the centre back (nape of the neck) to the end of your shoulder at the top of your arm. Measure from your shoulder to just before the wrist bone or where you would like your cuff to sit.

Based on the sounds of it, it might be safe to assume that reach refers to the distance that a boxer’s arm extends from their chest during a jab or hook. Next, you’ll measure the arm length by starting from that shoulder point at the top of your arm. Measure from the nape of your neck (aka the center of the back of your neck) down to where your shoulder blades meet the top of your arm. In fact, most people who can’t seem to get an accurate measurement fail to get the right size because they skip this first crucial step. In this post I’ll show you a quick, easy and effective way to measure your sleeve length, and find the perfect fit for any body type. Unlike any of the athletic testing drills where lasers, stopwatches, GPS, and slow-motion cameras capture every detail, the NFL keeps it simple when it comes to measuring arm length.

arm length measurement

A total of 15 schools, (10 non-governmental and 5 governmental) schools were selected randomly. And the study subjects were selected from selected sections by systematic random sampling technique using student list of the class. Stature is the highest distance measured from the point where the heel touches the floor to the vertex of the head while the person is erect (1). Anthropometry, which deals with describing human form in numbers, has been widely used in forensic investigations and in many clinical circumstances. Sex, age, stature and race will help to nail down the pool of victims match during forensic investigations.

Utilizing a Long Reach

Then, have your partner measure the distance between your underarm and the end of your closed fist. Once you’ve properly taken the two measurements above, finding the overall sleeve measurement is easy. On the other hand, don’t let the measuring tape stray too far from your arm, either. If you keep your arm perfectly straight, you’ll end up with a measurement that’s too short, and you won’t leave enough room for your arm to move naturally within your sleeves. We are grateful to thank Addis Ababa University for supporting this research project.

What is considered a long arm?

Examples of various classes of small arms generally considered long arms include, but are not limited to shotguns, personal defense weapons, submachine guns, carbines, assault rifles, designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles, anti-material rifles, light machine guns, medium machine guns, and heavy machine guns.

Remember that boxers with a long reach will try to keep you at a distance, so you’ll need to fight inside so that they won’t be able to use their arm length to their advantage. Boxing is a sport that is almost entirely dictated by your bodyweight and the ways in which you utilize it. This is why boxing classes are divided based on weight, as it helps to ensure a more even fight. Taking your own sleeve length is one of the tougher body measurements to do on your own.