Goodbye Letter to Drugs: Why & How to Write One Sanctuary Foundation

Watching your daughter suffer from addiction and the negativities that go along with it is equally painful. If you’re unsure how to approach your daughter and talk to her about what you feel face to face, writing down a letter to your goodbye letter to addiction daughter can be a good alternative. This gives you an ample amount of time to express your feelings in a well-structured manner. Make sure to remember the format above and the sample letter to guide you in writing your letter.

There was even a part of me that believed I could become a better person with you. You constantly blocked me from doing any of the things I wanted to do. In that sense, you quickly became my worst nightmare. Because of you, I ended up doing things that I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing.

How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Alcohol & Drugs

All you ever did was take and take, but you never gave. Actually, I take that back – you did give. You gave me heartaches and burned bridges. You gave me sorrow and torn-apart relationships. Once we were forced to spend time apart, I realized that I was spellbound by you. You, heroin, were a magic ingredient, and you kept me doing your evil bidding.

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At times, I felt that I would never make it without you; I felt physically ill once we were apart. Fortunately, those feelings are in the past; I know better now that I have achieved sobriety. The hardest thing about letting you go was putting myself first. But that decision is what ultimately showed me just how strong I am, and how much I am capable of. I tried to leave you so many times; but you just dragged me back into your pit of Hell time and time again.

Look to the future.

Our specialists walk you through the process of understanding your benefits. We provide the most suitable method of recovery tailored to you or your loved one’s needs. CBT addresses drug addiction by making you aware of negative thinking so you can effectively challenge yourself. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers comprehensive programs and a therapeutic community for addiction that will guide you to a healthier path.

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I acted differently around my friends, I ditched school to be with you, I even spent my hard-earned money on you. It’s exciting to envision what the future holds and what dreams you want to achieve. A treatment facility paid to have their center promoted here. Learn more about how to be featured in a paid listing. Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back.

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And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older. The silver lining to our relationship is that I am stronger than I’ve ever been. My relationship with you, Addiction, made me a trophy of grace. Relationships have been restored, and new ones have begun.

What many don’t understand is that addiction isn’t a problem—it’s actually a solution. It’s how we go about scratching that itch that causes the issue. This applies to the family and loved ones as well. In time, the scales will balance and you will experience more joy than pain. But for now, you must travel the difficult path and find the will to survive. You will become stronger each time you choose to steer away from that dangerous and tempting path at the fork in the road.