Marriage Traditions in Uruguay

Uruguay is actually a country numerous unique persuits. Whether you’re planning your individual wedding or coming over for your honeymoon, you could end up sure to knowledge some of these traditions whilst in the country.

Drink through the same cup during the wedding service – it may be considered a symbol of unanimity

The bride and groom drinking in the same cup symbolizes that they may have come together jointly. It might be popular for the purpose of couples to give cheek smooches through the ceremony.

Shark’s soup served on the reception : it’s thought to bring wealth and best of luck

The couple will be presented shark’s soup at the wedding ceremony reception as being a indication of their success and chance. They may also serve a plate of dried out longans, lotus seeds, reddish colored dates and persimmons to symbolize their very own chance and virility.

Friends presenting items in the wedding ~ it’s common to see close close friends present gift items to the bride and groom during their wedding uruguay women get together. It’s a means of saying appreciate it meant for attending their special day.

Another prevalent wedding tradition in Uruguay is to produce replica music band – it is more outstanding than just pinning it for the bride’s clothes!

A traditional wedding party bed made from new purple sheets can be prepared before the wedding – it’s a indication of good fortune and fertility. Adolescent boys are often times invited to jump on the bed prior to the wedding nighttime in hopes that couple will have kids.